Of Dice and Men (& Women)

Barns, Babies and Biggun's

The intrepid heroes, once again at the behest of the mysterious benefactor: Stapleton “Judy” Cooper, head to the halfling town of Tulach, where incidents have risen where their safety is questioned.

Meeting the dwarf-sized halfling, Dredger Fairbarn, the party is asked to take a food-laden wagon into the mountains and leave it at the mouth of the river. The halfing would do this himself though, Biggun, the local ogre, made a mess of his barn and took his draft pony so Dredger felt that some other people with a little more experience in matters of these types are needed.

Without questioning, much, they agree to the terms and trudge into the rocky slopes. Noticing ancient remains of a dwarven city all around the waterfall mouth of the river they find a cave seemed to lead into dwarf-made tunnels.

Curiosity taking the better of them they venture forth into the tunnels and lo-and-behold some traps were found:

Firstly, Gabriel taking the lead into the cavern, trips a wire and sends a portcullis crashing down onto Fizzlebent

Secondly, the entire party notices a swinging battering ram fall from the hallway ceiling.. that is all but the Bard, Francisco who was knocked unconscious.

But the third came after traversing a narrow bridge. Gabriel once again, trip the trap and falls into a pit. (Sometimes sending a scout is a better idea)

After jumping the pit, relatively easy after Gabriel finding it, they hear a noise of pain down a corridor. Investigating, they find a Ogre den, who (or what) they thing should be Biggun, and hear Biggun’s mate groaning though labor pains..

Biggun becomes enraged with the PCs as his mate slowly dies. Gabriel uses his clerical magic to stabilize the ogress as him and Verna help deliver the ogre-ling child.

Dredger, upon the party delivering his stolen pony, gives the party a message, map and pouch from ‘Judy’.

the message states “find the dwarves, the pebbles should help with the journey when you inevitably run out of fresh water.” The map is a expertly drawn map showing a safe route to Koningshoeven, a dwarven kingdom stationed in a great desert. And the pouch holds 3 small pebbles, which are identified as used pinches of Dust of Dryness and each hold 5L of water.



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