Of Dice and Men (& Women)

Ram's skull and Mud-town

Figuring out they are extremely off-course the party makes their way to the cliff-side cavern of the goblin’s home.

Elfy and Francisco had arrived there just before and found a deserted dwarven camp, and Elfy finding tracks of 3 dwarves that entered the caves less than a day previous.

The parties join forces and venture into the cave. Once reaching the main cavern they notice the chewed and bled-out bodies of the dwarves that entered previous as well as a chimera stalking them in the relative darkness.

After severely poisoning the dragonborn cleric, Gabriel the rest of the group is able to dispatch the monster, and the barbarian, Samuel, then removes the goat head of the beast to craft a skull helmet.

The party summons the spectral image of their employer, a Stapleton J. Cooper (who they lovingly call “Judy” ). ‘Judy’ tells them that there are reports of people going missing in the city of Mireshire, or Mud Town as its more commonly called.

The PCs make the 3-day trek to the mucked-up town and are informed that the reports are true. Nearly 50 people have gone missing from their homes and work places.

The group uncovers a series of clues directing them towards the mining-guild’s leader Madame Brassweaver, a dwarf-woman who has taken up a residence in the mountains north of the town’s quarry.

Seeking her out, the group encounters her, her dwarf guards and her pet cockatrices. She had apparently been abducting townspeople and turning them to stone, then selling them as perfectly rendered statues.

Issues arise when Fizzlebent is petrified (turned to stone) and Samuel meets a grizzly demise… Fortunately there were potions to reverse the Gnome’s petrification and a cunning use of the Shocking Grasp revived the barbarian.

Stapleton once again directs the gaze of the party to the small halfling village of Tulach. Where a “real” challenge awaits them.



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