Of Dice and Men (& Women)

It's Spelled Exactly How It Sounds

" Koningshoeven "

The party gets word of treasure in the south east, a dwarven city whose people have gone missing and a treasure left unguarded, most notably the Winotaur a drinking horn of no small power.

The group is given a map to the city of Koningshoeven (pronounced: Kon-ing-shoo-ven) that shows the safest, all-be-it longest, route to the dwarf stronghold.

They hit the road, Elfy easily supplementing their low rations with food and game in the forests. After weeks of uninterrupted travel (the incident with the Ankheg was little more than a speed-bump, barely worth mentioning) they reach the edge of the desert, where their dwindling rations will only let them wander so far, but luck was with them for in the lowering desert sun the peak of the dwarven keep is seen.

Upon reaching Koningshoeven the heroes find the dwarves, dried-out husks of skin and bone, laying still as the grave as if the danger of death was unexpected.

The crossbow bolts of some savage species lay scattered about in the sand and dust.

An altercation with a swarm of stirges, feeding on the last moisture from the dwarf bodies, at the door to the keep proper holds them back from entering, but a barbarian swung flail can do wonders to deter an other attack from the beasts.

The PCs push their way into the keep, finding a pile of dried dwarves at the entrance, seeming as if they had been trying to push themselves out of the keep, and an eerie drip-Drip-DRIP of water somewhere in the distant darkened halls.



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