City of Mireshire
A city built atop a hill on the driest edge of a vast swamp and marshland, known for its exceptional stone masons
Population: 2000 mixed (80% human; 10% gnome and dwarf; 5% halfling, 3% elf, 2% misc)
Military: 150 trained guardsmen; 300+ militia troops can be assembled in 1-2 hrs.
Leadership: Mayor Truman Q. Pennysworth (Human)
Trade/Export: Clay, ceramics, pottery, stonework
Points of Interest

  • Bottom Bottle Tap Room – Durran Swampson, human
  • Kiln N’ Kettle B&B – Bridgette Tanglethread, halfling
  • Wincy’s Storeroom – Wincy MacHinery, gnome
  • Kiltweight Bro’s Armoury & Smith – Don & Din Kiltweight, dwarf
  • The Radiant Anvil’s Spark (Temple to Pelor & Moradin) Pastor Uttin Westcrest, dwarf
  • Heroes’ Circle

Village of Tulach
A quiet farming community of stouts and lightfoot halflings on the edge of a large lake-feeding stream. Mostly in-ground burrows with some wooden structures (windmills, barns, etc). This is a completely self-sufficient village with little contact with other larger communities, if at all. Six other communities like this one are within a day’s walk from Tulach: Abbery, Baily, Bexley, Chepstow, Glany, Shepshed.
Population: 200-300 halflings
Military: none
Leadership: none
Trade/Export: none
Points of Interest

  • Pebble’s Landing Taproom – Rosabelle Goodbarrel, halfling


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